RFA Argus Returns to Falmouth

Taken from the Bowling Green in Flushing this short video (RFA Argus returns to Falmouth) sees her approaching Falmouth docks assisted by the tuigs to her berth,

The three Merlin Mk 2 helicopters that flew from Argus have helped deliver equipment, medical supplies, food to remote areas of the country in Operation Gritrock. Two of these were escorting her in.

RFA Argus is one of the UKs most important contributions to those helping in the fight against the spread of Ebola. She sailed from Falmouth to Sierra Leone in October last year.

About RFA ARGUS (Wikipedia)

RFA Argus is a ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary operated by the MoD under the Blue Ensign. Italian-built, Argus was formerly the container ship MV Contender Bezant. The ship was requisitioned in 1982 for service in the Falklands War and purchased outright in 1984 for use as an Aviation Training Ship, replacing RFA Engadine. In 1991, during the Gulf War, she was fitted with an extensive and fully functional hospital to assume the additional role of Primary Casualty Receiving Ship. In 2009, the PCRS role became the ship’s primary function.
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