About Flushing

Bowling Green

Flushing Bowling Green is situated above the village, with stunning panoramic views of the inner harbour.  The land was given to the people of Flushing by Mr Henry Trefusis in 1964, under the trusteeship of Mylor Parish Council.

The name ‘Bowling Green’ is a real misnomer as the area has never been used for the purpose of green bowling.

It was originally a piece of scrub land which was cleared by a dedicated team of volunteers to the wonderful asset that you see today.

The area consists of a fenced off children’s playground, a large expanse of grass, which is used as a venue for events by every organisation within the village, and a building which houses a kitchen and toilets. Over the last few years it has become a very popular venue for hosting children’s birthday parties and wedding receptions. The village school also use it as an outdoor classroom and playing field.

The Bowling Green is the only piece of property within the village that actually belongs to the people of Flushing. It can never be sold off for property development or any other use.

The Bowling Green Committee applied for and was awarded charitable status to access funds that will be used to rebuild the ‘pavilion’ to create a much bigger, eco friendly building with improved facilities.

Recently a sub-committee, Friends of Flushing Bowling Green Park, has been formed. Their aim is to obtain grant funding to replace the existing children’s play equipment.

Fitzroy Barometer

Flushing has a Fitzroy Barometer which was originally placed by the RNLI. You will find it at the end of the fixed to the side of the first house in Pitick Terrace. The Barometer was restored recently by the Parish Council.

Rear Admiral Fitzroy was the captain of HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin’s famous voyage.  He was a pioneer meteorologist and weather forecaster.

The Village Shop

Flushing villages store which is 100 metres from the ferry quay. Turn left off the quay into Trefusis Road.

You can purchase beers, wine, cold and hot drinks, sandwiches, sweets and chocolate.

Come in and say hello before you go exploring the area. If you’re staying in the village for while you can also order fresh meat and vegetables daily. Fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat and milk all locally sourced.